Step Sheets (left click on dance title for step sheet)

Trippin Whiter Than White Pop Lock And Drop  One Last Dance
Burning Alive Hands Up The First Thing
Great Scott Scandalous To Love Again In My Head
Apologize Just Say it NY Cha.. For The Lovers
Footprints In The Sand Notorious Cha Reverse Waltz Out & Jump
Better In Time Razor Sharp Happy Hour Good Girls
Shiver & Shake Halo Kinda Busy Burn It Up
Wonderful Under A Spell Holdin' It Down Why Oh Why
Just Cant Stop The Climb Walk With Me Drip Droppin
Too Deep Maybe Wild Burn It Down
I Held Your Hand Painted Windows Play For Keeps Fall Apart
A Hero Lies In You Cuban Kiss Parachute Blue Sky
Funky Cha Cha Because Everybody's Someone Nothin' Better
With These Eyes Roomba Murder My Heart Not The One
Spotlight Smooth Criminal Hypnotized Don't Miss A Thing
Soon Treacle Not Pudding Faith & Desire Cuz I Said So
Shiv -A -Ree Evacuate The Dancefloor Night Owl  Hello Dolly
Feel Wicked Sugar Candy  Swing Your Chains
I Dance Faded I Am Afraid Wonderland Waltz
Contigo Love Love Love Each Tear  Haunted
Im Done Be On You You Know Me  Off The Ground
L.O.A For The First Time If I Aint Got You  Let It Be
Somethin' Crazy Water And A Flame Not Tonight  Dirty Bit
Poker Face Must Get Free Push It Up  Not Together Now
Addicted Why So Serious..?? Fashion